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After a long break, I finally got to have a lesson with my trainer this week. I can’t get over how great she is. My new favorite line…

“If you wouldn’t do it in the dressage arena, don’t do it in the show jumping ring.”

Basically, flat downhill crazy-person canter ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

We spent most of the lesson working on establishing and maintaining a soft, steady canter to our fences. It was really helpful and productive.

At the end of the lesson, since I have a show coming up, we played with some wonky questions to make sure Tebow remembers the whole “listen to the rider” thing. We jumped crooked fences on a straight 3-stride line: first verticals, then small oxers. Trainer took a video so I figured I’d share – as good an excuse for a blog post as any, right?

I don’t know. He’s just so cute I can’t handle it. I can’t believe this is the same llama-creature I started riding last August. There’s still little quibbles with the consistency, but he’s really turning into a horse who is a total pleasure to ride.